The Chicago Bulls loss of Derrick Rose seemed to be the universe’s way of just reminding Chicago fans how mad it was at them. The Bulls were once again on their way to the top, seeing their best performance overall since some guy named Michael Jordan made them one of the greatest teams to ever play the game of basketball. After his retirement, the Bulls were mediocre for a long, long time. Finally, Derrick Rose came on the scene, won the MVP, and made the Bulls the top of their conference. Things were finally looking up for the good people of Chi-Town.

Then, as quickly as it came, it was gone. Rose went down with a torn ACL at the beginning of the playoffs. The Bulls went on to be embarrassed by the eighth-seed Philadelphia 76er’s as the once title favorites were knocked out in the first round. It was clear their backup PG, CJ Watson, was nowhere near the place in his talent that Rose was. To further screw things up, Watson left the Bulls and signed with the Brooklyn Nets for next season. Where does this leave Chicago? In a very bad place indeed. What are their options? Teach Rip Hamilton to play the 1? Start a draft pick? Unleash the secret weapon that is Brian Scalabrine? You see, sometimes the answer to a very big problem, is often very small. Five foot nine, to be more precise.

Enter Nate Robinson. The veteran point guard has been shipped all around the league in both conferences, having respectable, yet short tenures in New York, Boston, Oklahoma City, and Golden States. The basketball town of Chicago is yet another destination the 3-time NBA Slam Dunk Contest Winner can add to his resume. Robinson is similar to Rose in that he is an undersized, scoring guard, who can also shoot the three-ball. His is quick on defense and possesses footwork second only to very few in the league. He may not be the MVP, but his devoted attitude and endless energy will endear him to the fans and players alike. For all of his energy and unique play, does come with a small downside though.

Robinson has a tendency to play some serious hero ball. When facing a deficit or in a close game, he almost always seems to go for the “Home run”, and get himself and the crowd pumped. But despite his affinity for jacking up threes in tense situations, Robinson fits in perfectly with Chicago. For starters, he will more than likely be starting until Derrick Rose makes a full recovery. Robinson also fills the role of scoring point guard very nicely, so there will be no need for a massive strategic overhaul on the part of Coach Tom Thibedeau. Speaking of which, Robinson has already worked with the Bulls head coach for two seasons, when they were both members of the Boston Celtics. The Bulls are also a team filled with veteran guards. Robinson could learn a lot from them, as he mentors some of the rookies himself. The addition of Nate Robinson to the Chicago Bulls is an improvement for both parties involved.