Olympic Gold eludes Brazil yet again as they crash and burn against Mexico in a 2-1 deficit of the Men’s Football Gold Medal match.  Mano Menezes supporters can no longer deny that he is not the top caliber coach necessary to lead the host country to glory in the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

Mano, I am sure, is well intentioned but his inability to select neither a top-tier squad nor starting 11 cannot be overlooked any longer.  This along with the lack of ability to create a system that gets the best out of his players and motivates them to play to their fullest potential is the reason a new voice must be found.  Yes, of course, I do understand that the players must bear a burden of the blame however a coach’s personality should be imprinted on his team.  Too many times Brazil has come out on the field and fallen behind, or allowed chances that should have been goals. That is a direct correlation to the mind set the coach sends his players out with.

A simple solution to this problem;   There is a coach that brings all the qualities of what Brazilian football used to be with an impeccable track record who probably sat on his couch aghast watching this Men’s Final Match.  Josep “Pep” Guardiola i Sala is the man who could return Brazilian soccer to its fundamental roots.  Never did you see a Barcelona team unprepared nor not know how they would play.  His style has allowed Spain to become the dominate team in the world.  Brazil used to be the Samba Kings playing a very similar brand of football to Barca that no Brazilian coach since Scolari has been able to bring to this team.

It is not a talent problem in Brazil with Neymar, Pato, Oscar, Lucas, Damiao, Marcelo, Romulo all 22 and under and really just having scratched the surface of their talent. You need a coach who can bring the best out of them and who is respected worldwide.  Pep took Messi from a potential great into the debate of ‘greatest of all time’. Every player will hang on his every word of advice.  His credibility is at an all time high and his style of play is what the players want to play. I believe the talent of the group heading into the 2014 World Cup has a chance to return Brazil to its glory days on home soil.

So Brazilian Federation, if you are listening give the Pep whatever he wants; 5 million, 10 million, a private plane or whatever it takes to sign him.  If you want a chance for glory in 2014 find a way to convince, in my opinion, the best coach in the world right now to get you back to the glory you once had.  The pride of hoisting the Championship Trophy on home soil will be unmatched!