Nearly one month into the NBA season and the bottom half of the rankings have not had any steep drops or rises by any team. Teams like the Wizards have taken their inevitable seat at the bottom of the rankings, as they are still yet to get into the winning column. Although, for a team like the Kings, a great week pushes them out of the bottom into the lower twenties. Many young teams are trying to find themselves in this part of the rankings, while some are beginning team while others are still lacking the maturity.

30. Washington Wizards

The Wizards welcomed back Nene to their roster, but his exceptional play has not gotten the Wizards a victory yet. The Wizards though have come close to punching in a win, and the Wizards fell to the Bobcats in double overtime. John Wall has his work cut out for him when he returns to this awful Wizards squad.

Record: 0-12

Last Week: 30

29. Toronto Raptors

The Raptors continue to slide after their successful start with a winless week that included a double overtime loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday. Kyle Lowry returned to the lineup and continued to excel in his leadership role, but Toronto continues to misuse Jose Calderon who may need to be dealt for a physical big man to toughen this team up.

Record: 3-11

Last Week: 26

28. Detroit Pistons

The Pistons are beginning to find themselves this season after such a shaky start. Kyle Singler has been their most effective addition, so much so that he has been plugged into the starting lineup in every game this past week. Singler has great range and could open up the post for big men Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond and Jason Maxiell.

Record: 4-11

Last Week: 28

27. Cleveland Cavilers

The Kyrie Irving injury was not what the Cavs had planned at the beginning of this season. A promising start has been halted with the injury even though Jeremy Pargo has played exceptional in is place, the Cavilers just can not find a consistent scorer to carry the team. The Cavs will make it tough for Irving to pull them back to relevance this season.

Record: 3-11

Last Week: 27

26. New Orleans Hornets

It is completely understandable that the Hornets are not rushing back their franchise centerpiece Anthony Davis. Davis had a stress reaction to the same ankle he injured in the Olympics and will miss at least two weeks. The Hornets are thinking long-term, and it is showing because the Hornets had one victory this week that came on Monday to the Clippers. With Davis out, the Hornets will face major issues against marquee big men.

Record: 4-9

Last Week: 22

25. Indiana Pacers

The Pacers only played twice this week and came out 1-1. Their lone victory came over the Hornets who are lacking their franchise big man Anthony Davis and a huge 37-point outing by Paul George. Following up that performance the Pacers fell to the Spurs in a weak showing. Their offense is starting to turn around behind Paul George, but they are still lacking the killer mentality that they had with Danny Granger in the lineup.

Record: 6-8

Last Week: 24

24. Sacramento Kings

Following such a weak start to the season, the Kings had by far their most successful week yet, gaining as many wins in the fourth week of the season as they had in the first three. The Kings took down the powerful Lakers and than took the second of a home and home against the Jazz, both very strong wins for the young club. If Marcus Thornton can continue to be their go-to scorer, and Tyreke Evans can continue his great play like he had this week, the Kings may turn their season around.

Record: 4-9

Last Week: 29

23. Orlando Magic

The Magic continue to miss Dwight Howard on the offense end, ranking 27th in the league in points-per-game, but they do not miss him on the defensive end, where they only allow 95-points a game. Besides a comeback coming short in their overtime loss to the Celtics, the Magic went 2-0 on the week and continues to exceed their lowly expectations.

Record: 5-8

Last Week: 25

22. Phoenix Suns

The Suns are definitely one of the most confusing teams in the league. The team is lacking a true impact player, but yet they have had another strong week, most notably a 27-point blowout of the Portland Trail Blazers. Its tough to tell if the Suns are truly a contending team, but they are another team who is outplaying their preseason expectations.

Record: 6-8

Last Week: 23

21. Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota welcomed back Kevin Love this week who recovered from hand surgery at remarkable pace. However, the Timberwolves lost all three games with Love back in the lineup and the return of Nikola Pekovic did not help either as he returned during this stretch. With the great play of their role players, many expected to see the Timberwolves to be very competitive all season, but it has been just the opposite.

Record: 5-7

Last Week: 16

20. Portland Trail Blazers

The Blazers have been led by the great play of their starters but past that there is not much to cheer about. The Blazers rank last in bench production at 18.1 points-per-game a clear worst in the league. The Blazers need to find several key reserves to keep the Blazers going with their starters on the bench.

Record: 6-8

Last Week: 20

19. Charlotte Bobcats

Just when the Bobcats seemed like they were a team on the rise, they got trounced 114-69 by the Thunder. The Bobcats did enjoy a good week that included two close wins against the Wizards and Raptors, but this loss to the Thunder at weighs all of that. Hopefully the Bobcats rebound quickly instead of unrevealing from this loss.

Record: 7-6

Last Week: 18

18. Houston Rockets

Jeremy Lin may have not been what the Rockets hoped for when they signed this past summer, but the Rockets put in their best performance of the season against the Knicks on Saturday. Their 28-point victory over New York could be the start of something if Lin finds himself and James Harden can continue to score the way he has. Houston also knocked off the Bulls this week as they showed that they could play strong defensively against a competitive team.

Record: 6-7

Last Week: 21

17. Utah Jazz

The Jazz have been a great team at home, undefeated to be exact, but they are 2-7 on the road and their schedule does not get any easier, and their issues with their crowded frontcourt and they do not seem to be getting solved anytime soon, for this may be a bumpy road for Utah.

Record: 8-7

Last Week: 15

16. Chicago Bulls

Chicago continues to face trouble with their lack of a great scorer but they have remained competitive and are fighting to stay afloat waiting for Derrick Rose to return. Luol Deng has been a workhorse playing an average of 41-minutes a night and is trying his best to lead this ailing club. The low point of the Bulls week though is that they blew a 27-point lead during the third to the Bucks. Coach Tom Thibodeau is sure to correct this awful fourth quarter effort and bring the Bulls back even without Rose.

Record: 6-7

Last Week: 14


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