Live BlogSeveral moves were made in this weeks power rankings, including the Pacers steep fall and the Bobcats continuing to shock teams nightly. Teams 30-16 still have time to find themselves as it is still early enough in the season, but some team

s are underachieving by being here. Lets see which teams made moves this week in the power rankings.

30. Washington Wizards

The Wizards are crumbling only three weeks into the season. They are last in points-per-game, just under 87 a night, and not one player has been able to fill the void John Wall has left with his injury. Washington is still winless and at this rate, it will be difficult to win just one game.

Last Week: 29

Record: 0-9

29. Sacramento Kings

Last week it was noted that Tyreke Evans has had an abysmal start to the season, and this past week it did not improve. The Kings failed to register a win in their set of three games. It will not get easier for the Kings as they play the Lakers and the Jazz twice in the coming week. Players other than Demarcus Cousins need to step up if this team wants to win some games this season.

Last Week: 28

Record: 2-8

28. Detroit Pistons

The Pistons finally got out of their early season slump with a pair of wins against two contending teams, the Celtics and 76ers. Finally Lawrence Frank gave his rookie Andre Drummond playing time and it proved vital as the Pistons are realizing how to succeed.

Last Week: 30

Record: 2-9

27. Cleveland Cavilers

The Cavs week was unfortunate as they fell in all three of their games. Allowing well over 100-ponts a game, the Cavs can not keep up with their opponents. Despite the great play by Anderson Varejo, this will be their downfall in many of their loses. Now that Kyrie Irving will be out for a month, the Cavs will continue to slide.

Last Week: 24

Record: 2-8

26. Toronto Raptors

It is confusing to see why Jose Calderon is on the trading block. One, because he is a great game manager, and two, why teams are not picking him up for a bargain. Due to Kyle Lowry’s injury, Calderon has excelled, posting a triple double this past week. Past that, there has not been much to cheer about though in Toronto.

Last Week: 27

Record: 3-7

25. Orlando Magic

The Magic may have hit their ceiling early in the season, this past week Orlando had trouble putting the ball in the basket, scoring under 90-points in three of their four contests. With limited ability, this Magic squad will remain inept on the offensive end.

Last Week: 25

Record: 3-7

24. Indiana Pacers

Danny Granger is much more valuable to this team then originally thought. On offense, the Pacers are scoring only 88-points, and the weak play of Roy Hibbert. He has clearly showed signs of regression after his monstrous season failing to average double figures in either points or rebounds this year. With the Pacers lacking a force on offense or a body in the middle, they will continue to face issues until Grangers return.

Last Week: 15

Record: 5-7

23. Phoenix Suns

Phoenix went winless this week against very fierce competition, such as the Lakers and Heat. Phoenix is playing up to their ability though as they are lacking stars and are in a rebuilding stage, the play of sixth man Shannon Brown, and their frontcourt have been a positive side.

Last Week: 26

Record: 4-7

22. New Orleans Hornets

Despite the greatness of their starters, there is a significant drop off to their role players. Anthony Davis and Ryan Anderson can only do so much for this team as it has showed with the Hornets’ winless week. Rookies Austin Rivers and Darius Miller need to step up for the Hornets to pile some wins together.

Last Week: 18

Record: 3-5

21. Houston Rockets

The Rockets faced trouble this week as they lost a tough one to Portland behind Damian Lillards great play and the Lakers who are starting to develop a hot streak. Jeremy Lin has started to tail off since the Rockets hot start and he needs to get back on track for Houston to as well.

Last Week: 17

Record: 4-7

20. Portland Trail Blazers

The Blazers are sizzling on the offensive end, averaging 100-points again led behind rookie Damian Lillard, who has made this Portland offense crisp and efficient. The Blazers used their high-powered offense to beat the Rockets in overtime and the Bulls convincingly this week. The double double averaging being posted by J.J Hickson has encourage the Blazers that he can rejuvenate his career as a post presence in this league.

Last Week: 22

Record: 5-5

19. Golden State Warriors

The Warriors had a big week that included wins over the Hawks and Mavericks. Stephen Curry has excelled this season at full strength, and David Lee continues to become a force to be reckoned with for the first time since his arrival to the Warriors. With Andrew Bogut still injured, the best is yet to come from this squad.

Last Week: 21

Record: 6-5

18. Charlotte Bobcats

What team is this and what did they do with the Bobcats of last year? The team won seven games all of last season, but this year has won five of the first nine. and offseason signings Ramon Sessions and Ben Gordon have made a great change in their offense.

Last Week: 23

Record: 5-4

17. Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets have been one of the most volatile to the start of this season, with a slow first week, hot second week, and more troubles yet again this week. Ty Lawson is starting to get into the thick of things while Kenneth Faried continues to be a force on both sides of the ball. Ending their week with a big win at Memphis, Denver maybe in store for another big week.

Last Week: 9

Record: 5-6

16. Minnesota Timberwolves

The injuries keep piling up for the Timberwolves. We all know about Love and Rubio, but Nikola Pekovic, who has carried their team in the two players’ absence has been out with an ailing ankle, and now grim news has broke about Brandon Roy, he will need to undergo yet another knee surgery halting an NBA comeback possibly forever. The T’Wolves make such a jump due to their play with all these injuries; look out when they are at full strength.

Last Week: 19

Record: 5-4