With two weeks down in the NBA season, some teams have made moves up the ladder of the NBA and are positioning themselves for a strong campaign. Other teams such as the Pistons and Wizards are yet to gain a win and remain in the basement of the NBA.

30. Detroit Pistons

Another week, and the Pistons are winless. A close one with the Thunder almost gave the Pistons win number one of the year but they fell, blowing an 11-point lead entering the fourth. Andre Drummonds’ lack of effectiveness to date is noticeable due to the five 100-point games they have allowed so far.

Record: 0-8

Last Week: 30

29. Washington Wizards

The Wizards have played better than their record shows with close losses to contenders such as the Celtics and Pacers, but the losses keep piling up and it will not stop at this rate. Bradley Beal turned it on in his second week of the season and is now leading the team in scoring 13-points a game. The Wizards are lacking a go-to-guy right now and that player needs to be found for the team to grab some wins.

Record: 0-5

Last Week: 29

28. Sacramento Kings

A tough schedule for the Kings as they faced the Spurs and Lakers both resulting in losses. With Thomas Robinson’s suspension for his violent elbow to Jonas Jerebko and now the Demarcus Cousins suspension for his words to an announcer, the Kings are going to be behind in their development. Tyreke Evans continues to be just an average player in the league, and his play will determine how well the Kings perform.

Record: 2-5

Last Week: 28

27. Toronto Raptors

Monday was definitely the highlight of the week for the Raptors even though it came in a losing effort. Toronto took the Jazz to triple overtime where they would fall 140-133. Besides that though, this was a disappointing week for the team in Canada.

Record: 1-6

Last Week: 25

26. Phoenix Suns

The Suns had a successful week that included wins over the Nuggets and the Cavilers. Goran Dragic continues his fine play dating back to last season and Shannon Brown is a spark plug off the bench for a team that needs to ride some momentum.

Record: 4-4

Last Week 27

25. Orlando Magic

After a shocking 2-0 start to their season, the Magic were brought back to Earth with a 0-4 week, finishing their week with a 39-point loss to the Nets at home on Friday and only scoring a meager 74-points on Sunday in Brooklyn. Expect these results often by Orlando this season.

Record: 2-4

Last Week: 23

24. Cleveland Cavilers

A rough week for Cleveland as the team fell to 2-5 on the season after their hot start. The production is there for the likes of Kyrie Irving and Anderson Varejo, but they have been unable to put it together and win games. The Cavs are a dangerous team any night, so no team should sleep on them.

Record: 2-5

Last Week: 24

23. Charlotte Bobcats

Even though they opened their week up with a demoralizing loss to the Suns, the Bobcats rebounded with two great wins against the Hornets and the Mavericks. Kemba Walker is growing into a star in this league, especially with his performance against the Mavericks when he stuffed the stat sheet with 26-points, 7-assists, and 6-rebounds. The Bobcats have been one of the most surprising ball clubs in the entire league thus far.

Record: 2-3

Last Week: 26

22. Portland Trail Blazers

The true problem for the Trail Blazers is that they are lacking capable players. Besides their five starters who are averaging double-figures not one Trail Blazer is scoring over 5-points a game—not the recipe for winning games.

Record: 2-5

Last Week: 19

21. Golden State Warriors

After beating the Cavilers, the Warriors got blown out by the Lakers and lost to the Nuggets as the Warriors fall under the .500 line. Klay Thompsons’ emergence in the Warriors offense has let them forget about scorer Monta Ellis, and Carl Landry continues to be very efficient off the bench.

Record: 3-4

Last Week: 21

20. Utah Jazz

The Jazz were very volatile this week ranging from a win over the highly touted Lakers, to getting crushed by the Nuggets on national television. Still, their win over the Raptors on Monday is without a doubt the game of the year as of now. Behind Mo Williams veteran leadership and great play, this Jazz team will continue to play this fine level of basketball.

Record: 4-4

Last Week: 20

19. Minnesota Timberwolves

Even though the T’Wolves are without Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio, they are playing some fine basketball. Nikola Pekovic is replacing Love very well with his post presence and can run the floor just like Love did when he was in. When their two starters return from injury, the Timberwolves will be a threat any night of the week.

Record: 5-2

Last Week: 22

18. New Orleans Hornets

You can tell how much this Hornets squad missed Anthony Davis as the team went from producing 62-points without the rookie on Wednesday to their 107-point effort on Friday with him. Davis has been one of the lone bright spots for this Hornets squad to date and makes them tough to handle any night.

Record: 3-2

Last Weak: 17

17. Houston Rockets

This week may have been a reality check for Houston—going 1-3 this week cooling off their hot start. James Harden continues to score at a rapid pace, just under 26-points per game. The Rockets squandered what would have been an upset over the Heat on Monday that would have been a big victory for a young team.

Record: 3-4

Last Week: 14

16. Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks continue to spread the wealth out on the floor with no man averaging over 15-points a night, but four players average at least 12-points. Al Horford has proved why he was missed so dearly last season with his near double-double average.

Record: 3-3

Last Week: 15

Come back soon for teams 15-1