With several of these teams already out of the playoff picture, many will be active at the trade deadline. Teams such as the Cavs and Magic have already been listening to offers about some of their best players and are willing to make the move if necessary. In this article, each team will have a player listed that is most likely to be dealt from the team. If you don’t agree then comment below with an alternative.


30. Charlotte Bobcats

It is a known fact that the Bobcats are awful once again this season. Their defensive woes are well documented.They rank 29th in points allowed, but now their scoring is taking a hit. Having capable scorers, Kemba Walker and Ramon Sessions, the Bobcats have been a middle of the pack offensive squad. However, this week Charlotte scored under 90 points in three of their four contests. The only positive development coming out of Charlotte is Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. The rookie has been great this season, posting 14 points and 8 rebounds per game, and is probably right behind Damian Lillard in the Rookie of the Year voting.

Record: 9-28

Last Week: 30

Most Likely to be Traded: Gerald Henderson


29. Cleveland Cavilers

The Cavs did grab a win against the Hawks at the start of the week, butotherwise they were just embarrassing. The Nuggets, Lakers, and Kings all controlled their respective games and made it Kyrie Irving against the five other players. Dion Waiters has been the only consistent supporter to Irving’s efforts such as his 33-point performance against the Kings on Monday. With Anderson Varejao out for an extended period time this Cavs squad has no tough interior guy to lean on, for Tyler Zeller is not a solid starter in the NBA just yet. The other issue with Varejao being out is that his value has plummeted. His value was as high a 30-year old big man could be, but his knee ailment will make it much harder to make a deal for him.

Record: 9-31

Last Week: 29

Most Likely to be Traded: Anderson Varejao


28. Washington Wizards

John Wall can make a difference to a team, no matter how bad they are.  In Wall’s return game, the Wizards rolled past the reeling Hawks, and then Monday the Wiz blew out the Magic by 29. The person who has benefitted the most from Wall’s return to the lineup is Bradley Beal. The third pick of this summers draft has easily been the Wizards best player already, but he with Wall  has scored a total of 33 points on an average of 50-percent shooting. Beal and Wall can make a very strong backcourt in Washington that can lead them for the next several years and out of the basement of the East.

Record: 7-28

Last Week: 28

Most Likely to be Traded: Trevor Ariza


27. Phoenix Suns

Just when it seemed that the wheels had fallen off the Suns this year, two double-digit losses without breaking 80 points, they knocked off the Bulls in Chicago by 16. Michael Beasley finally performed the way the Suns expected him to with his 20 points on 10 of 14 shooting, and Luis Scola stepped up for this weak offensive squad with 22 in just 28 minutes. This team is one who could use the services of Rudy Gay, a player they seem to be interested in even though there are a couple of roadblocks already. Gay can boost this team’s offensive ability and can open up the floor because they are lacking a true threat from the perimeter.

Record: 13-27

Last Week: 26

Most Likely to be Traded: Jared Dudley


26. New Orleans Hornets

The Hornets used their newly revived roster to knock off playoff bound Houston and the ailing Timberwolves. Roger Mason Jr. was a huge contributor in their victory over the Rockets where he had 17 points in just 16 minutes and hit three fourth quarters threes to put the game away. The Hornets attempted to go undefeated this week on Sunday afternoon at Madison Square Garden against the reeling Knicks, but they came up short due to Ryan Anderson’s ineffective play. The former Cal swingman shot one of eight from beyond the arc as the Knicks separated themselves in the fourth quarter.

Record: 11-26

Last Week: 27

Most Likely to be Traded: Ryan Anderson


25. Orlando Magic

The Magic were in the middle of a ten-game losing streak before they got past the Clippers at the Staples Center—yes read that twice because that is one of the weirdest sentences you will ever see. The Magic are by no means in bad shape in the long-term because they have Aaron Afflao and Nikola Vucevic who will aid to Glen Davis, all of which are building blocks to a team. However, this team is lacking a star player, but with their playoff hopes all but diminished, maybe they can land that superstar in the draft and try to return back to the postseason as if Dwight Howard was never gone.

Record: 13-24

Last Week: 24

Most Likely to be Traded: J.J Redick


24. Sacramento Kings

The Kings are still Sacramento’s for the time being— Besides the logistics of the team, the Kings lost a tough one to the resurgent Mavs at home and then got dominated by Lebron James and the Heat. It all came together though on Monday when the Kings dropped the Cavs in a shootout that saw DeMarcus Cousins talent on display. The former Kentucky standout scored 26 and grabbed 14 boards in another impressive showing. The Kings are a team that have several great players that will be essential to making them into a contender, but players like Tyreke Evans is dead weight for this team and needs to be gone for them to move in the right direction.

Record: 14-24

Last Week: 23

Most Likely to be Traded: Tyreke Evans


23. Toronto Raptors

The Raptors continue to be agitated as they blew a double-digit first half lead and fourth quarter lead to the Bucks on Sunday, which made them forget their defensive showcase against the Sixers on Wednesday, allowing just 72 points. Kyle Lowry may be on his way out with Andrea Bargnani now that Jose Calderon has won the heart of the front office and fans and Lowry has been just average since spraining his ankle earlier in the year. Even though Lowry is well worth his contract in Toronto, they need to build elsewhere starting with another wing to complement DeMar DeRozan.

Record: 14-23

Last Week: 22

Most Likely to be Traded: Andrea Bargnani


22. Detroit Pistons

With Detroit facing the fourth easiest schedule in all of basketball, it is hard to gauge if this team that is in 11th place in the East is for real or not. Andre Drummond continues to be a curious case because he is clearly one of the most effective players on the roster, a team-high 22 PER, yet he only plays 19 minutes a game. As well, Drummond brings the excitement that this team lacks—he is always prepared to make a highlight no matter what even though several facets of his game remain immature. Detroit needs to work him into the rotation more if they want to make a run at the postseason and develop into a better club in the long term.

Record: 14-24

Last Week: 21

Most Likely to be Traded: Tayshaun Prince


21. Dallas Mavericks

After Dirk Nowitzki’s comments about his anger towards the team’s failures this year, the Mavs responded with a routing of the Grizzlies and Timberwolves. Dirk seems to be coming back to himself averaging about 15 points a game in 33 minutes over these past three wins. Although, O.J Mayo has faced issues with Dirk returning, he has become just an average scorer once again after his hot start. Mayo and Dirk need to play great at the same time if this Mavs team wants to make up five games for the number eight spot in the West.

Record: 16-23

Last Week: 25

Most Likely to be Traded: Chris Kaman


20. Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers were in the midst of a five-game losing streak before Jrue Holiday dropped 30 on the Rockets en route to a win. Besides that, turmoil is the current state of Philly as they got blown out against division foes the Nets and Raptors. Andre Iguodala is clearly missed from this club as his all around play on both sides carried the Sixers. Now the Sixers are 27th in points scored and are right in the middle of the pack on defense, allowing 96 points a night, 14th in the league.

Record: 16-22

Last Week: 20

Most Likely to be Traded: Jason Richardson


19. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers continue to dig themselves a deeper and deeper hole on a weekly basis. They are 16-21 on the year, but are just four games back of the Trail Blazers for eighth place. The return of Dwight Howard was key for the Lakers to stop their five-game skid, the former Magic superstar scored 22 points and grabbed 14 rebounds as they rolled past the Cavs. You cannot count out the Lakers because of the talent allotted on this roster, but their clock is ticking and they need to make a serious move in the playoff chase before they just miss it all together.

Record: 16-21

Last Week: 18

Most Likely to be Traded: Pau Gasol


18. Utah Jazz

The Jazz are right in the middle of a tight race for the playoffs with the Rockets, Blazers and Timberwolves. The Jazz stand a half game out of that final spot in the West, but they have been too inconsistent to get into the postseason. For example, the Jazz beat the Heat convincingly in Salt Lake City, but on Friday they were out scored 35-19 in the fourth in their loss to the Hawks. The issue with the Jazz is that they are so loaded with undeveloped talent at many positions that is hard to decide who should play down the stretch—players like Alec Burks and Derrick Favors aren’t always a part of the lineup down the stretch, but Tyrone Corbin needs to consider placing them in towards the end if they seem to be playing great which they have.

Record: 21-19

Last Week: 19

Most Likely to be Traded: Paul Millsap


17. Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves have clearly regressed without Kevin Love yet again— they have lost four in a row and seem lost on the court without Love. Ricky Rubio is clearly not the same exciting player that he was pre-ACL injury. Of course, Rubio is going to face trouble when he is coming back from such a severe injury, but he will be back to himself sooner rather than later. Nikola Pekovic is trying his best Love impression though to make the fans feel like the big man is out there still, he is averaging 16 points and 8 rebounds with a PER of 20.4. Pekovic can’t shoot the three but he is shooting 51-percent from the floor.

Record: 16-19

Last Week: 15

Most Likely to be Traded: J.J Barea


16. Portland Trail Blazers

No one can deny that the Blazers possess one of the best young teams in the league. J.J Hickson has revived his career and has been a consistent double double, LaMarcus Aldridge may be dealt but he is a great scorer that aids to Nicolas Batum’s great shooting abilities. Past all though, Damian Lillard is one of the best rookies to come out of a mid major school since the draft has started. In his hometown of Oakland for his first game there, he posted a career-high 37 points, 29 in the second half, and almost dug his team out of a 20-point hole single handedly. Besides that, the Blazers knocked off the Heat to add to their signature victories and dropped one to the Thunder at home by just four.

Record: 20-17

Last Week: 17

Most Likely to be Traded: LaMarcus Aldridge 


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