Heavyweight Bout: Stefan Struve (255 lbs. 27-5) vs. Lavar Johnson (248 lbs. 17-5)

ROUND ONE: Johnson comes in with some big punches. Struve gets some double underhooks. Struve drops to the ground and pulls full closed guard. Struve is able to go for the armbar and finishes it. Struve cinches it on and Johnson taps. That is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Stefan Struve by submission (armbar).

-Stefan Struve is with Joe Rogan. Struve talks about his confidence in dropping into the ground to go for the submission (armbar) at 1:05 in Round 1.

Heavyweight Bout: Stipe Miocic (245 lbs. 8-0) vs. Shane del Rosario (246 lbs. 11-0)

ROUND ONE: Rosario eats a punch when going for an inside legkick. Miocic goes in with a nice punching combination. Rosario tries throwing some kicks to the legs and to the body. Miocic continues to move forward with his punching attack. Rosario moves in with some more kicks to the body and Miocic looks a little wobbled but he circles away and appears to recover. Rosario knocks back Miocic with a punch and starts moving forward. Miocic looks to have recovered again. Rosario lands a head kick, but Miocic is able to land a takedown near the end. Miocic stands up from the guard and Miocic moves back to his feet before the end of round. Close round, but I think del Rosario had the more damaging and effective attacks.

SCORECARD: 10-9, Shane del Rosario. Overall Shane del Rosario, 10-9.

ROUND TWO: Rosario lands another kick to the midsection early on. Miocic is able to move in with some more punches. Miocic shoots in and gets a quick single-leg takedown into side control. Rosario is able to transition to guard, but Miocic is able to land some ground punches. Miocic grinds out Rosario on the ground and busts him open with some elbows and hammerfists. Miocic lands some nasty elbow strikes to del Rosario and del Rosario taps and the bout is over.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Stipe Miocic by TKO at 3:14 in Round.

Heavyweight Bout: Roy Nelson (254 lbs. 17-7) vs. Dave Herman (233 lbs. 21-3)

ROUND ONE: They circle. Eventually Nelson lands a huge overhand right that looked like Herman got hit in the head by a sledgehammer. Herman is down. The referee moves in and the fight is over in less than minute. Nasty knockout finish for Nelson who gets back on the winning track.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Roy Nelson by knockout at 0:51 in Round 1.

-Nelson says the knockout felt good and the right hand knocks. Nelson thanks Herman for taking the fight since everyone else dropped out on him. Nelson attributes his clean punching power to a lot of eating and lifting the food to his mouth.

Heavyweight Bout: Cain Velasquez (240 lbs. 9-1) vs. Antonio Silva (264 lbs. 16-3)

ROUND ONE: Velasquez almost immediately tosses Silva to the ground after catching a kick attempt. Velasquez starts with the ground and pound strikes but Silva manages to hang in there. Silva is busted open from the elbows and punches he’s been on the receiving end of. Silva is heavily gushing blood. Referee Josh Rosenthal calls for a timeout to have the doctors check on the cut of Antonio Silva. Silva looks like he’s having trouble seeing with all the blood in his eyes. The cageside doctor wipes of some of the blood and the fight continues back on the ground. Velasquez continues to drop some punches and Silva is unable to work his way back up. Silva’s head and body are covered with blood. Silva gives up his back and Velasquez lands more punches to the unprotected head of Silva. Silva turns back over and starts turtling up. Velasquez drops a more punches and Silva is unable to intelligently defend himself. The referee steps in and that is all as Velasquez gets an emphatic victory following his loss of the title to Junior dos Santos last November.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Cain Velasquez at 3:36 in Round 1.

-Cain Velasquez is with Joe Rogan. Velasquez talks about getting passed the loss to dos Santos and credits his coaches and training camp.

-Rogan does the tale of the tape for the main event and breaks down the advantages and keys to victory for Frank Mir and champion Junior dos Santos.
UFC Heavyweight Championship Bout: Junior dos Santos © (239 lbs. 14-1) vs. Frank Mir (261 lbs. 16-5)

-Junior dos Santos once again comes out to the Rocky theme music. For some reason, they show Brock Lesnar in the crowd (more on that in another article).

ROUND ONE: Mir shoots in quickly for a single-leg takedown. Mir drops to go for a leglock but can’t finish it and Junior slips away. The crowd is solidly behind JDS and chanting “CIGANO!” JDS lands on a left hook. JDS counters with his left hook and lands a shot to the body. Mir hits JDS with an outside legkick. JDS picks his shots on Mir and looks to be landing more. Mir lands another legkick which Rogan likes. Mir hits JDS with a straight left hand. JDS hits Mir with a solid punch to the bread basket. JDS starts unloading his hands and Mir looks wobbled and hurt. Mir though does make it out of the first round.

SCORECARD: 10-9, Junior dos Santos. Overall Junior dos Santos, 10-9.

ROUND TWO: JDS hurts Mir with some more punches and Mir flops to his butt. JDS refuses to go to the ground with Mir and tells him to get back up. Mir gets up and back in. He gets a side kick. JDS looks to be picking his shots and landing them when he wants to and keeping Mir on the outside. JDS drops Mir with a big right hand. JDS swarms down and dropping punches on Mir. Mir rolls around and JDS drops one more punch for good measure and that is all as JDS defends his title for the first time.