Cain Velasquez deserves his rematch

When Cain Velasquez stepped into the octagon against Antonio “Big Foot” Silva, the world expected a pretty even, top quality matchup. After all, Silva was the man who stopped Fedor Emelianenko. While we did see a top quality match, the only quality was being presented by Velasquez. The former champion came in with much to prove after being skipped over in favor of Frank Mir for the next title shot. Cain quickly came in and dismantled Silva, leaving him battered and bloody, before the ref stopped it at the 3:36 mark of the first round. Cain Velasquez feels that he should not have lost his title, and that Junior dos Santos was lucky the first time around. Cain used his match against Antonio Silva to make a statement that he indeed does deserve his rematch against dos Santos, and will make it almost impossible for the UFC and Dana White to deny it to him.

Dos Santos is the top in the division

Junior dos Santos used his first title defense to also make a statement in defeating Frank Mir. In the opening moments Mir tried for a takedown on dos Santos, and it was quickly defended. Mir then tried again, and it was apparent that Junior dos Santos was not touching the ground in this fight. It was at this point that everybody watching around the world knew that this would indeed be a boxing/kickboxing match, which suits Junior dos Santos style to a tee. Mir looked like a fish out of water during the first round, hoping for any opening that he could capitalize on. In the second round, it was readily apparent that Mir is not in the same class as dos Santos, and soon the fight was over. Mir is a top heavyweight in the whole sport, not just the UFC, but Junior dos Santos is on another level. He is clearly the top in the division at this point.

The Heavyweights can put on a good show

Going into UFC 146, the world wondered as to how good a show the UFC could put on with it being devoted to exclusively Heavyweights. Some had said that it would be too slow to keep viewers interested, and that devoting a show to men who were “too big”, “too out of shape”, and “not athletic enough” was not a wise move. The doubters were once again proved wrong as the UFC might have pulled off one of its better shows, and sparked conversation about providing more division exclusive shows in the future. Talents such as Roy Nelson, Cain Velasquez, and Stefan Struve provided excellent fights and most importantly, stoppages. These men went all out and provided a great PPV for the world to see.