The legend of well-renowned and now retired NBA player Brian Scalabrine is still budding, primarily off of the hardwood. The White Mamba was always adequate in charming the fans league-wide by riding the bench with an unusual charisma for someone of his skill set. The popularity that surrounds Scalabrine has always trumped his playing time, and it was unanimously known that for the last eleven years while he was in the NBA, “Scal” was the worst player on any NBA roster in terms of playing ability.

Brian, now thirty years old has started to pursue new challenges in his life and although these activities differ greatly from playing professional basketball, Scalabrine still carries the same attitude and swagger with him in whatever he decides to take part in. However, his newest endeavour comes as a surprise to many: the great White Mamba has decided to take his talents to the squash court.

Below is a link to an article posted on the US Squash website about Scalabrine: