There are not many things that I get to upset about when talking about sports. I am a fairly straightforward guy and very stubborn. I understand other’s opinions but I just feel like mine is always right. Just like any good sports columnist/writer.

So for this next topic, I’m extremely confident that I am right, and through many debates with other people, I still believe that I am right. It’s about GYMNASTICS…

The debate here is whether or not it is actually a sport? For some that may be hard to prove how it isn’t, but with the facts about to be given, you can clearly make a case that it is not a sport.

First I would just like to say that gymnastics requires some athletic ability and looks extremely hard. I am not saying that any Joe schmooze of the street can go onto a balance beam or uneven bars and be able to do some of the things gymnasts do without killing themselves.

There are two main things that every sport has:

1.) Athleticism

2.) A clear (objective) winner

Just think of games like Poker, chess and even checkers. You don’t need athletic skill to do those things but you always have a clear (objective) winner. And the key word in rule number two is OBJECTIVE. Granted, nothing can ever be objective. For example, the NFL is going to have ref’s that make judgment calls and sometimes can decide whether or not the game is won or lost. But overall, they have to go by a set of rules to make those calls. They can’t just make a penalty on someone they don’t like; they go by rules that make the winner objective.

That is different with gymnastics….

Obviously the judges in gymnastics have rules but they are very loose rules that they have to go by. A judge could mark down a person for not doing something right just because they’re not a fan of that athlete. I’m not saying it happens often but there is never going to be an objective winner in gymnastics. Maybe there just isn’t enough knowledge on the fan side to know what the rules are for gymnastics, but I believe that a judge could do such a thing and get away with it.

This next excerpt is from an article I read called, “A Sports Manifesto”:

Ballroom dancing is a demanding physical activity that requires an enormous amount of talent and practice. Bu it isn’t a sport, either. The competition is forced. In football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer, anyone watching knows who won. Races—sprints, marathons, you name it—you have a clear winner. If you need judges from seven countries to vote on who won, your activity is not a sport.”

This statement I tend to agree with more than disagree. With gymnastics, it’s like a person going to trial and needing a jury. You have these people deciding whether or not you’re guilty or not guilty. No matter how much time it takes, you never really know what the outcome is going to be. It’s the same with gymnastics, in the end, you never know what the outcome is going to be, and you don’t know if there actually is going to be a clear winner.

Another thing wrong with gymnastics is the way scoring is. There was one instance in the World Championships a couple of years ago where a contestant failed to complete a stunt that has a difficulty of 7.3. Which by the way, is another thing wrong with gymnastics, how do you determine how difficult a stunt is? Aren’t they all? But anyway, she failed to do her stunt. A person with a 6.5-degree of difficulty nailed her stunt perfect. Yet, the 7.3 difficulty contestant finished ahead of the 6.5. Now I know that life isn’t fair all the time, but how does that happen, how can you win when you don’t even complete your stunt? That’s very much flawed.

Another small reason that gymnastics is not a sport, but when hitting puberty means ending your sporting career, that’s sad. Once you hit 18, your career is basically over, I don’t think qualifies your activity as a sport.

Whatever the case may be and whatever people may think, GYMNASTICS is not a sport. Possibly it just depends on how hot the girls are.  But that is for another day.