A new NFL season is about to begin. During the offseason, teams added and subtracted players to achieve the goal of winning Super Bowl XLVII. Some are closer than others. Let’s take a look at my early 2012-2013 season NFL Power Rankings.

1. Green Bay Packers (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 15-1)

The Packers have an excellent offense with Aaron Rodgers at the helm. 2012 Draft additions Jerel Worthy and Nick Perry will improve their defense.

2. New England Patriots (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 14-2)

The Patriots were a defensive stop away from beating the Giants. To no one’s surprise, they stocked-up on defense in the Draft. Chandler Jones and Dont’a Hightower will instantly improve their defense.

3. New York Giants (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 12-4)

The Giants had a solid Draft, and didn’t lose any key players.  O-line issue’s will prevent the Giants from repeating.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 12-4)

The Steelers will slip a little bit on the defensive side of the ball. Under the guidance of Todd Haley, Pittsburgh will have one of the best offenses in the league.

5.  San Francisco 49ers (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 12-4)

The 49ers a great defense. The 2012 season is all on the shoulders of Alex Smith and the offense.

6. Houston Texans (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 11-5)

The Texans are solid on both sides of the ball. They will have to see which receiver steps-up opposite Andre Johnson.

7. Philadelphia Eagles (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 11-5)

The Eagles made some solid moves to improve their defense. If Michael Vick plays well, the Eagles can win a championship.

8. Chicago Bears (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 11-5)

The Bears’ defense will be solid under Rod Marinelli. Jay Cutler has some new weapons to throw to. The Bears will be an exciting team to watch.

9. Buffalo Bills (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 10-6)

The Bills added Mario Williams and Mark Anderson to their defense, but can Ryan Fitzpatrick be more than a game-manager?

10. Tennessee Titans (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 10-6)

The Titans are a young and exciting team with depth all around the board.  With Matt Hasselbeck, or Jake Locker, the Titsnd should be playoff-bound.

11. Dallas Cowboys (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 9-7)

The Cowboys revamped their defense by adding Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr, yo go along with a solid offense.

12 Oakland Raiders (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 9-7)

the Oakland Raiders are not as good of a team as their record will indicate, but they will be able to win some games in a weak AFC West.

13. Kansas City Chiefs (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 9-7)

The Chiefs have an extremely talented roster. Matt Cassel is the wildcard here.

14. Detroit Lions (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 9-7)

The Lions luckily aren’t a bottom-feeder in the NFL, but will their issues at Cornerback, along with their locker room issue’s prevent a playoff-repeat?

15. Atlanta Falcons (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 8-8)

If Matt Ryan takes the next step, the Falcons will do much better than an 8-8 record.

16. Baltimore Ravens (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 8-8)

The Ravens are a solid team, but they will miss Terrell Suggs.

17. San Diego Chargers (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 8-8)

The Chargers had an excellent draft, but ignored glaring needs on the Offensive Line. Philp Rivers will be hit a lot this year.

18. Carolina Panthers (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 8-8)

As expected, Cam Newton and the offense will be really exciting to watch. Their mediocre defense will prevent them from being a playoff-contender.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 8-8)

The Buccaneers added some nice pieces in Free Agency that filled needs. The problem is, Josh Freeman is their starting Quarterback.

20. Washington Redskins (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 7-9)

“RGIII” will give this team a boost, but they are not playoff material.

21. New Orleans Saints (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 7-9)

They loss of Sean Payton will really hurt this team. They also have holes in the secondary and on the D-line.

22. Cincinnati Bengals (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 7-9)

The Bengals are one of the up-and-coming teams in the NFL. A tougher schedule and a shaky secondary will cause them to fall a little regress from their surprise 2011 season.

23. Denver Broncos (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 7-9)

The Denver Broncos made a great move by signing Peyton Manning. Holes on the O-line and D-line will really hurt this team.

24. Seattle Seahawks (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 6-10)

The Seahawks improved their team over the offseason, but they don’t have a proven commodity at QB.

25. Arizona Cardinals (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 6-10)

The first year of the Kevin Kolb Experiment was a epic failure, don’t expect Year 2 to be any improvement.

26. Minnesota Vikings (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 5-11)

Christian Ponder and the offense will improve, but the defense will continue to regress in 2012.

27. St. Louis Rams (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 5-11)

Sam Bradford will continue to get the snot beat out of him this year, the Rams’ O-line is in shambles.

28. Indianapolis Colts (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 4-12)

Andrew Luck and the offense will surprise this year, but the defense will struggle immensely.

29. New York Jets (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 4-12)

The New York Jets’ locker room is a circus. They also don’t have a solid Quarterback or Rush Linebacker.

30. Miami Dolphins (Projected 2012-2013: 3-13)

The Dolphins are in complete rebuilding mode. If the Dolphins caching staff care about his future, they’ll sit Ryan Tannehill his first year.

31. Cleveland Browns (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 2-14)

It doesn’t matter if Colt McCoy or Brandon Weeden is the starting Quarterback, neither of them have anyone to throw to,

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (Projected 2012-2013 Record: 2-14)

Two Words: Blaine Gabbert.

That is it! Let me know what you think. Please leave a comment below.