After the complete domination that was the National Championship game, Alabama is now looking behind them and seeing 3 BCS Championships in 4 years, and also looking forward at to what is in store for everybody involved with the Crimson Tide.

The Team:

Unlike no other team in recent memory, Alabama is used to losing top contributors to the NFL.  Even more amazing, this team replaces top talent, with top talent to prevent drop-offs from year to year.  Even though they once again could lose top starters to the draft, they sport the #4 recruiting class according to  Quarterback AJ McCarron is only a junior and has a great possibility of coming back.  Running back TJ Yeldon is only a freshman, as well as star Wide Receiver Amari Cooper.  Basically, the offense for Alabama will still be top notch.  The defense that was said all year to be “not as good as recent years”, will return some talent like DB”s Vinnie Sunsari, Ha”Sean Clinton-Dix, Deion Belue and Nick Perry.  Also returning on this side of the ball should be linebackers Tana Patrick and Ed Stinson, among others.  In other words, this team will be stacked once again.  Alabama won the crystal ball this year because they simply had better talent.  Next year, they should have one of the most skilled teams in the nation once again.

Nick Saban:

After last night”s win, Nick Saban may have just solidified his status as one of not only the best Alabama coaches of all time (and that is saying a lot), or not even one of the best college football coaches of all time, but one of the best SPORTS coaches of all time.  This man is certainly the best coach of his era.  He took a LSU team to a national championship, left them to go to the NFL where he had some success, although not much.  He then went back to college, then proceeded to take a Alabama football team that was basically stuck in the mud, and in a few years built them into a powerhouse that now is one of the top football factories in history, but one of the few unquestioned dynasties in sports (more on that later).  His ability to get the best out of his players each and everyday is a trait that few people possess.  Saban has now won 4 national championships, and 3 in the past 4 years.  Some of recently questioned whether he should consider a jump to the NFL, but in my opinion he should stay at Alabama and chase something far more important than saying he was “good” at two levels of football.  If he continues to win at this pace (154-55-1 career record, including 63-13 at Alabama), he could become “the best” at college football.


Ever since Tommy Frazier and those Cornhuskers from the 90″s, the world has looked for the next college football dynasty.  With their latest championship, Alabama has now claimed its status as this generations dynasty.  They now have 3 championships in the past 4 years, and this is the second year in a row that they came out and dismantled undefeated #1 going into the game.  They will continue to win because they will keep recruiting top talent.  In the past two years, this team has the same number of championships as they do losses (2).  With a status as the nations best, a coach that is considered the best in the sport, and a recruiting pipeline that will keep them nourished with the best talent in America, this is a dynasty that could be around for a while.


In Tuscaloosa, as well as around the world, Alabama fans are at the top of the world.  In short, they should be.  Their team not only has climbed the mountain as the best team of the year, but they have claimed their spot in history as one of the best football programs of this generation.  With help from their all-time great coach Nick Saban, and a program that brings in great prospects every year to an already great team, this dynasty should keep on rolling.  For the Crimson Tide, this could only be the beginning.