Mario Balotelli is one of the most talented players in football, on par talent wise with Messi, Ronaldo, Pato, and Neymar’s of the world. Mario Balotelli may also the most mentally unstable player in world football. Therein lies Italy’s dilemma what do you do when your best player is your worst player.

Love him or hate him if you are an honest evaluator of pure soccer ability Mario is in your top 5. At just 21 he is 6’2” with chiseled mans frame, great pace, a cannon for a leg, clinical finishing ability, and in my opinion the best penalty kick taker in the world today. There is really nothing that he cannot do as a forward player.

The reality is though that most times you do not have stop Mario….. Mario stops Mario. Balotelli is without a doubt the player most likely to get a red card for a play similar to the Zidane head butt on Materazzi. His emotional immaturity is almost at legendary levels already. It doesn’t matter if he is having a good game or poor game, he is completely unpredictable. The Italian coach will sit every moment that he is out on the field with a clinched fist and jaw; he will worry even if the ball is on the other side of the field, as even then Mario is capable of changing the game with a rash act.

All that said, Mario must play and must play up to his talent level if Italy is to have a chance in Euro 2012. If for one month Balotelli can put it all together he can be the very best player, not only for his team but the whole of the Euro tournament. This is one of the first moments in his soccer life where he can begin to change the world’s perception of him in his young professional career.  If he can finally put aside manic like tendencies he could lead his country deep into the tournament and begin to harness one of the world’s most breathtaking talents.