The debate rages as to who is the number one shooting guard prospect in the 2012 draft between Brad Beal and Jeremy Lamb. Let’s break down the 2 prospects and see how they compare.

  • Shooting-Beal shot 45% for the field and 34% from 3pt vs Lamb 48% from field and 34% from 3pt. This one is pretty close however Lamb does shoot 60% from 2pt range vs 54% Beal. Winner: Lamb


  • Off The Dribble-This one is a no contest, Lamb’s ability to get his shot both in the midrange and all the way to the basket is much better than Beal who, to this point, has shown an inability to create his own shot. Winner: Lamb


  • Rebounding- Beal wins this one with a very solid frame and good instincts.  Lamb showed solid ability also but Beal is simply better. Winner: Beal


  • Defense-Beal used his strength to offset his lack of height against opponents in college however this will be a struggle in the NBA.  Lamb will initially struggle with strength but should still be dangerous in passing lanes.  Furthermore, over time, Lamb will get stronger and has potential to be an elite defender. Winner: Lamb


  • Passing- Both players averaged about 2 assists per game but neither looks like they have great vision.  Winner: Even  


  • Measurements

Beal is 6’4” with the 6’7” wingspan (unofficial) and is 207lbs age 18 (06/28/93)

Lamb is 6’5.5” with 6’11’ wingspan (official) and is 180lb age 19 (05/30/1992)


Beal is the stronger of the 2 players but is undersized athletically he is solid but not elite.  Lamb is very thin but with prototypical height and an extreme wingspan and is already an elite athlete.  Lamb can get stronger but Beal can’t get longer. Winner: Lamb


  • Intangibles-Beal is a solid citizen and a good teammate who seems to play with little fear, with good on court body language. Lamb struggled his sophomore season being ‘the man’ and displayed poor body language at times.  This was very different from his freshman season.  This one we give to Beal, however Lamb still has plenty of time to fix that.  Winner: Beal

In summary after breaking down both players Jeremy Lamb would appear to be the better long term prospect. While Lamb lost out in rebounding he was still posted a solid 5rebs a game and as he matures the intangibles could even out. For those GM’s deciding between the two you had better do your homework.