For some time, it seemed as though the UFC and the WWE were bitter rivals.  There was a ban on any mention of UFC on WWE programming, and the UFC appeared to look down upon WWE since wrestling is “fake” and “scripted”.  Now, it appears that things have now changed.  Following Brock Lesnar’s TKO loss to Cain Velasquez at UFC 121, there was the infamous stare down with WWE superstar The Undertaker.  Then after Brock “retired” from the octagon, he returned to WWE.  Now, after supposedly “quitting” WWE, he resurfaces in the UFC and is reportedly in talks with Dana White about a return to MMA.  If you are wondering “this seems like too much of a coincidence”, then you are not alone. Vince McMahon and Dana White are both smart men, and for them to both play dumb like neither one of them can see what even the casual UFC or WWE fan has seen for months is quite comical.  It is widely known that Lesnar has a one year deal with a number of set dates, culminating with him being one of the main attractions at Wrestlemania.  With the UFC and Dana White now “leaking” that Lesnar has now been in talks with them, they appear to just be following the storyline and playing their part in it, while neglecting the fact that everybody knows that Lesnar is still under contract with the WWE.  Do not get me wrong, the fact that the UFC and WWE now appear to be working together for storyline services can only mean good things for both companies, but pretending that neither of the fan bases know what is really going on isn’t the way to go.

Dear Dana White & Vince McMahon,

Your fans are smarter than you think.