BustaSports is a sports blog network created to bring you insightful analysis of the latest news and controversy from around the sports world. Founded by Lucas Sheiner in 2011, BustaSports reached one million views by the end of its first year.  The site was fully re-designed in September of 2012 to enhance the BustaSports experience.  Today, BustaSports focuses on the four most followed sports in North America — basketball, baseball, football and hockey — each with a dedicated editor, and a staff of experienced writers.

If you have feedback on how we can improve BustaSports, we’d love to hear from you.  If you’d like to join our staff as a writer, send us a note.  And if you love sports and want to stay on top of what’s controversial and current…. then stay tuned to this space.

To contact BustaSports, please email  Lucas Sheiner at the address admin@bustasports.com.

Lucas Sheiner  - Founder & Senior Editor

Lucas created BustaSports in 2011, at the age of 14. He oversees every aspect of the website, and is its senior editor. His journalism has received high praise in the sports world. In particular his interviews with Lakers point guard Jordan Farmar, Blue Jays president Paul Beeston and CFL commissioner Mark Cohon, have established him as a legitimate sports journalist with the ability to break news. His articles have been featured on ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report, and SBNation. He is now a freshman at Amherst College.

Email: admin@bustasports.com –

Eric Simpson - NHL Editor

Eric has been involved in professional sports from an early age, having worked for the L.A.Aztecs of the defunct NASL, and then spending a few years in the visiting locker room of the L.A. Kings in the NHL. He moved to Mexico City to obtain a FIFA Coaching License, and worked with Professional Futbol teams for a few years. He is a proud author of 5 books, with 2 more on the way for late 2013.

Jerald Hoover - NBA Editor

Jerald L. Hoover is an author, screenwriter and journalist. He is multi-talented and has accomplished quite a bit with respect to the creative, literary and entertainment world. In 1993 he won an award for “The Best New Male Writer of the Year” – Literary Society in Virginia. (This award was accomplished for his fiction novel, “My Friend, My Hero”) For the novel, Jerald was also listed from 1994 – 1996 as a Best Selling author among Black young writers in various African American publications. In 1995, he was awarded with the WritersCorp Award by then president Bill Clinton. In 1998, Jerald was inducted into the Mount Vernon Boy’s and Girl’s Club Hall of Fame. (This is the same club that Denzel Washington grew up and served in). In 2003, then Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion awarded Jerald with a Citation of Merit Award for his work with young people in Bronx elementary and middle schools. In 2007, Basketball Hall of Fame and New York Post writer, Peter Vecsey featured Jerald in a Sunday story giving recognition for his work on his first documentary, “Four Square Miles to Glory”. And in 2011, Jerald was nominated for Honorable Mention for being the Best Black Sportswriter of Year by – Black Press Radio. He has been a sportswriter covering the Knicks for over 14 years. Also in 2011, Jerald was a Semi Finalist for his screenplay of My Friend, My Hero, by the Gotham Screen Screenplay Contest. Jerald is now entering his 15th year as a sportswriter.

Twitter: @JerryHoover65

Phil Watson - NFL Editor

Phil Watson a veteran of 20-plus years in the newspaper industry as a writer and editor, with roots as a sports writer and later in his career transitioning to news. A long time BustaSports contributor, Phil also writes for Yahoo! NewsBleacher Report, Hoops Habit and his personal blog, afrmediaonline.com.

Twitter: @FurtherReview

Robert Alexander - MLB Editor

Robert has been a member of the BustaSports team since the beginning, and has contributed many hours of writing towards the website. He has written for various websites, and currently oversees Sports Talk Plus.

Twitter: @Rob1201Oakes