1: Rashad Evans is not done yet.

Whether anybody picked Evans to actually win the fight is irrelevant. Barely anybody picked him to even force it to a decision. Jones is improving by leaps and bounds every time he steps into the octagon, and Rashad Evans hung in there and was not finished. Evans even got a couple shots in and, if even for split seconds, seemed like he had a chance to pull off the upset. That is something nobody that has fought Jones can say. Like Rashad said in the post-fight interview, he will pick himself up and win again. He may have looked bad last night, but he’s not done yet.

2: Jon Jones may clear out the light heavyweight division

This brings us to the champion. Jon Jones has the ability to do to the light heavyweight division what Anderson Silva did to the middleweight division. With Jones’ reach, wrestling ability, and unorthodox form of offense, there might not be anybody who can beat him right now. The scary part about all of it is…the 24 year old Jones is still improving. He is already the best in that division, but he may widen the gap by a lot very soon.

3: The rivalry was more personal to Evans, but was about business to Jones

During the entrances, Rashad looked ready to settle a score, while Jones came ready purely for the defense of his title. While “The Champ is Here” was blaring through the speakers as Jones walked towards the octagon, Evans danced to the music as a way to apparently one-up Jones. Evans went as far as to mock Jones and at one point brush Jones’ attack away as to say “that didn’t hurt”. While Evans was trying to show Jones up, “Bones” Jones was trying to win a UFC bout. By the time Evans seemed like he was seriously focused 100% on winning, Jones was already in his range and on his way to winning the fight.

4: Anderson Silva would not last against Jon Jones

I’ve gotten plenty of questions and statements saying that Anderson Silva would be the best match for Jon Jones, and that is not the case. Even at a catch-weight fight, it would not be close. Jones is bigger, a better wrestler, and has a huge advantage due to his unthinkable range. It would be a slow breakdown, and in the end would be readily apparent that Silva is no match for Jones.

5: The only person at 205 that may be able to beat Jon Jones, is himself

This brings us to the question, who could possibly beat Jon Jones for the Light Heavyweight title? My answer is, himself. If Jones can stay humble, stay hungry, and stay focused, he could go down as one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. If gets caught up in all the hype, he could get caught slipping, and his rise to the top could be over in an instant. Last night, we saw two different versions of the champ. We saw the Jones who came out to “The Champ is Here” being played over the speakers, and the Jones who, after the win, met with all his sponsors and seemed more like he was going to a celebrity party than going to reflect on his win. In contrast, in the octagon, we saw a young man who listened to his coaches, even responding with “yes sir” and repeated instructions as they were given to him.