The 2012-13 NFL season has come to an end and the Balitmore Ravens are Super Bowl Champions. Now NFL fans have many many months until the first game again. But for now to pass the time, here is the final rankings of the NFL starting quarterbacks, plus a quarterback that should be starting…

*But first, 10 months ago this was my top 5 quarterbacks…
1.) Drew Brees
2.) Tom Brady
3.) Aaron Rodgers
4.) Eli Manning
5.) Jay Cutler

*This was my top five quarterbacks, just 2 months ago…
1.) Tom Brady
2.) Drew Brees
3.) Eli Manning
4.) Jay Culter
5.) Ben Roethlisberger

1.)TOM BRADY, New England Patriots

He is just the personification of excellence and consistency. It doesn’t matter what he has around him, he finds ways to win in big games and makes all of his recievers just so much better.

2.)PEYTON MANNING, Denver Broncos

Didnt expect to have the year he had, just proves that he can go to any team and make them the best.

3.)AARON RODGERS, Green Bay Packers

I will say it until i die, I think Rodgers is just a product of good recievers.

4.)DREW BREES, New Orleans Saints

He took a step back this year, which makes me think that maybe he is trailing off now. Still one of the best.

5.)JAY CUTLER, Chicago Bears

Say what you want, but the Bears mightly struggle when he is not under center. Give him another year with Marshall and new OC, his arm is strongest in the league, decision making needs to improve.
6.)ELI MANNING, New York Giants—If I need a quarterback to beat the Patriots in a big game, I’m taking Eli, cant spell Elite without “eli”.

7.)MATT RYAN, Atlanta Falcons

Ice water in this kid’s veins, he finally got over the demons of winning his first playoff game, now just needs to get over that hump.

8.)JOE FLACCO, Baltimore Ravens

Thought the playoff run was amazing, I’m on the Flacco bandwagon, though I never thought he was a bad quarterback, I’d consider him elite.

9.)MATT SCHAUB, Houston Texans

Has the weapons, needs to step up in big games.

10.)BEN ROETHLISBERGER, Pittsburgh Steelers

The definition of Iron Man, man never leaves the game unless he absolutetly has to.

11.)TONY ROMO, Dallas Cowboys

Needs to learn how to win the big games with all the weapons that he has. Cowboys need to win a super bowl.

12.)COLIN KAEPERNICK, San Franscisco 49ers

I’m jumping on the bandwagon of this kid, he is going to be very good. Strong arm and strong legs, deadly weapon.

13.)RGIII, Washington Redskins

I sitll think he is a bust, but can’t deny the running ability.

14.)TIM TEBOW, New York Jets

I know that I will get alot of crap for this, but damnit, the JETS used him horrible this year, still one of the best deep ball throwers in the league and most clutch in the fourth quarter.

15.)MATT STAFFORD, Detroit Lions

Too injury prone and Calvin Johnson makes him.

16.)RUSSELL WILSON, Seattle Seahawks

The very mobile version of Drew Brees

17.)CAM NEWTON, Carolina Panthers

Clean up the attitude and your game and he’ll avenge his sophomore slump.

18.)ANDREW LUCK, Indianapolis Colts

Will be in the top 5 in the next five years.

19.)MICHAEL VICK, Philadelphia Eagles

Who knows how much more he will play, but only reason he is this high is his speed.

20.)ANDY DALTON, Cincinatti Bengals

Just never really been sold on this guy.

21.)JOSH FREEMAN, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Is a bigger, taller form of Kaepernick, with less runinng.

22.)PHILIP RIVERS, San Diego Chargers

Always high expectations, always letting people down.

23.)CHRISTIAN PONDER, Minnesota Vikings

Too inconsistent, and I could throw well with “AP” in the backfield.

24.)SAM BRADFORD, St. Louis Rams

If he could just stay healthy.

25.)BRANDON WEEDEN, Cleveland Browns

I really like Weeden in the future. If he gets weapons, he has got at least a top five strongest arm in the arm. Watch out for the Browns.

26.)JAKE LOCKER, Tennessee Titans

Got upside, helped that he sat behind Matt Hasselback, he could be good in the future, reminds me of Drew Brees.

27.)CARSON PALMER, Oakland Raiders

Had high hopes for my man Carson this season, I feel lke he has got the potential to be good, but it just has never came out.

28.)RYAN TANNEHILL, Miami Dolphins

I like the upside on this kid, he is tall with a big arm, should be good once he gets out of Miami or get’s weapons.

29.)MARK SANCHEZ, New York Jets

Do I even have to give an explanation??

30.)RYAN FITZPATRICK, Buffalo Bills

All that undesreved money he got, is another screw up for the Bills.

31.)CHAD HENNE,Jacksonville Jaguars

Has the talent to be a good quarterback, but has never had the talent.

32.)BRADY QUINN,Kansas City Chiefs

Once a great college quarterback, now has bounced around more than Kim Kardashian.

33.)JOHN SKELTON, Arizona Cardinals

The cardinals haven’t had a good quarterback since Kurt Warner, that is saying something.