NBA fans are on the eve of evaluating the new talent and superstars that are welcomed into the fraternity of NBA players.  Every year, there are players that come up just a little bit short of expectations (Kwame Brown), or exceed expectations (James Harden).

Whatever the case may be, the NBA Draft is a way for some teams to boost themselves into the NBA title hunt or having to live yet another year in infamy of being so far away from an NBA title. To save all that may make the wrong draft choice, here are the biggest sleepers and busts in the 2012 Draft.

Michigan State forward, Draymond Green- He may not be the fastest or even the biggest forward in this year’s draft. Green has got the intangibles of a leader that I don’t see anywhere else in this draft. During his four-years under Tom Izzo, Green became one of the most dominant big men in the Big Ten, which is saying something. He may not be a superstar, or an everyday player. But he would be a great addition of the bench, perhaps a sixth player kind of role. Whatever organization that takes a chance on him,will be rewarded greatly.

Ohio State center, Jared Sullinger- There is much concern that he is not ready for the NBA because of his lingering back issues. Sullinger was one of the other dominant big men in the Big Ten and I think the way that people are doubting him will fuel his fire. Yes, he does need to gain some pounds and become more athletic in the NBA, but I could see Sullinger becoming a superstar at the center position.

Kansas guard, Tyshawn Taylor- Taylor has played four years at Kansas and is projected to go in the second round of the draft. He is a 6’4 point guard and just from watching him is built like a rock. That suits well for a point guard in the NBA. He is able to get his own shot which will suit well for any NBA franchise. Maybe he won’t be a starter, but will definantly be a sufficent back-up point guard to any team.


Kentucky guard, Terrence Jones- When I think of Terrence Jones, I think of only one player in the NBA….Dwayne Wade. Jones has the build and the game that translates well into the NBA. He has the ability to not to get his own shot, but make his own shot, even when there is nothing there. He can slash the hoop better than anybody i think in college basketball and just has the make-up to be the next star in the NBA.

You can quote me now and I will go on record in saying that Terrence Jones will be in the conversation as one of the best players in the NBA in the next five years!.

I think Jones needs to go to the Los Angeles Clippers, and be the other superstar on the wing to help out Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. I think Jones would make them a Western Conference contenders in less than three years.