After great consideration, we have decided to cease all operation of this website. We would like to thank all of the readers who have followed us through this incredible journey. Just 24 months ago, a number of courageous journalists took a great risk and joined Lucas Sheiner in his venture to create a new alternative in sports media. Since then the site has reached more than 2 million people, broken important news stories, interviewed professional athletes, and been featured by the likes of ESPN and Sports Illustrated. Our successes have eclipsed the expectations of all of those who took the leap and joined the site in the spring of 2011, and should not be belittled by today’s sudden shut down.

This website is closing  because founder and senior editor Lucas Sheiner is being forced to step down due to personal matters. An effort was made to find a possible replacement for him, but was unsuccessful. Without someone performing his role this website does not exist, and therefore its shut down is necessary.

Finally, we would like to apologize to all of our wonderful readers for this sudden halt in publication. This is not what we wanted, but is what must be done nonetheless.